An exhibition showcasing an eclectic mix of photography, painting, sculpture, video and performance by thirty national and international artists. The exhibition infiltrates the shiny retail paradise of Milsom Place, Bath with its works exploring themes of permanence and transience, longevity and mortality.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Installation views in unit 4

Works in stalled in unit 4 (the lower half of the exhibition) by Kirsten Clark, Eva Rudlinger, Heike Jeromin, Sam Francis, Lin Li, Louise Bird, Mark E Smith and Rachael Allen

Opening night 2

Opening night

This was at the point when you could still actually see the work.  It got very packed later but of course there are no photos of that because we were all too busy talking.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Michael Fischer's tapes arrived in the post today.

Will you be as surprised by the scale as I was?

And it gets bigger.....

I received the news yesterday that there is another unit in Milsom Place that we have been asked to show work in too.  I'm very excited as it will give the show some much needed breathing space.  Just the small task of working out what to put where now..........

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The unit

I went and had a good poke round the venue yesterday.  It is an inside retail unit with a glass wall down one side.  It's sort of half done up with some white wall, some bare plaster and a bit of stone wall.  The floor is partially covered in wooden laminate flooring and part bare concrete.  I think its half finished-ness will suit the show really well so am very happy with it.  There is also still the possibility that they might want us to put work in another unit too......

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Venue Confirmed

After months of waiting I have just heard that the exhibition will be in unit 17 of Milsom Place which is neither of the two spaces I was originally expecting to be offered! I wont have time to go and measure up until Monday morning but apparently its a good size with a big window.  It is also right opposite Jamie Oliver's restaurant, just inside the main entrance form Milsom Street, so a great location.

Now I can really get stuck into planning the show properly.